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May 11, 2004
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Collection Lion King STUFF by Graphix-Goddess Collection Lion King STUFF by Graphix-Goddess
NOTE: NOT FOR SALE. I do not remember where I purchased everything as this was bought mostly YEARS AGO - 1990's, early 2000's in MANY different stores. 
Please do not ask me for specifics on where I purchased the items because they are no longer for sale in stores today.

Alright... well this is being done by request of :iconqueen-sinarbi: ... it’s a pic (a rather crummy one, my camera was being a snot, and it was storming outside).. anyway... a picture of probably about 2/3 of the LION KING merchandise I own.. I have BUNCHES more, but Failed to locate it .. cause its in boxes all over my house :faint ... well, anyway,.. here is an itemized list of most of the stuff... I also was taken (by my oh so loving parents) to see THE LION KING BROADWAY show last year!!!! :hug: that made me so happy!!! (VIP TIckets too!)

God, I hate to know how much :money: I have spent on all this stuff in my life!


:bulletred: 2 BRAND new sets of figs from the special edition release (Still in boxes at top right-corner of pic)
:bulletred: Lion Kin Figures (like a whole BUNCH!!) :laughing:
:bulletred: SUPER RARE Sarabi PVC figure (took me 8 years to find!! (Praise eBay!!) :thumbsup: She’s all the way to the front, in the middle.
:bulletred: 4 LK pins (1 RARE Cast lanyard edition from WDW, and 1 Festival of the Lion King pic form WDW as well :)
:bulletred: LK Compass from Burger King
:bulletred: LK Adult Simba Plush From McDonalds
:bulletred: LK HUGE Adult Simba Plush from Original Release
:bulletred: LK II Simba’s Pride Porcelain figure collection. (Towards front right corner)
:bulletred: Stamp Set
:bulletred: Card Set
:bulletred:School Binder and folder set
:bulletred: Sam Goody’s Special Edition Mufasa/Sarabi + Baby Simba Figure.
:bulletred: Porcelain LK figure from.. some place :)
:bulletred: Groiler LK ornament
:bulletred: DVD Special Edition set with Book + Lithographs
:bulletred: Storage boxs
:bulletred: Figure Storage Boxes
:bulletred: Broadway Hat
:bulletred: 2 Lunch boxes
:bulletred: Original Release of THE LION KING VHS (God I feel old :faint:
:bulletred: LK II Lithographs set (Damaged slightly after taking this photo :sniff:
:bulletred: Shampoo - Shaped Bottle.
:bulletred: Pillow
:bulletred: Valentine Card set :D
:bulletred: CD Soundtrack
:bulletred: Cassette Sing Along + Book
:bulletred: Broadway Program
:bulletred: Handheld Video game
:bulletred: Large Classic storybook, Small book, Sticker book.
:bulletred: Sticker Collection FULL BOOK + All stickers
:bulletred: TONS OF STICKERS!
:bulletred: Adult Simba + Nala Disney Store exclusive figure
:bulletred: Mug
:bulletred: Mini LK Figure set + Pride rock
:bulletred: Special Pen + Rafiki Figure won in contest :)
:bulletred: Bathroom set (Toothbrush holder, comb, soap case)
:bulletred: Timon + Pumba on wave (B-day Cake Toppers)
:bulletred: WDW Simba Plush
:bulletred: WDW Young Simba and Nala figs
:bulletred: Rare “Can’t wait to be King” Animal Collection. (Mostly on top of the stamp set in the middle of pic)
:bulletred: Scar (Nestle Wonderball Figure) Made before then banned the figures from the balls.)
:bulletred: Lion King II Simba's Pride VHS

Things not shown but I have... somewhere :slow:

:bulletgreen: Zazu Plush
:bulletgreen: Lion King I + II Sheet + Bed sets. :love:
:bulletgreen: “Can’t wait to be king” Dishes, Silverware, and cup set
:bulletgreen: Easter egg dye kit (Still intact)
:bulletgreen: Game-Gear (Handheld) Video Game
:bulletgreen: Young Simba + Nala poster
:bulletgreen: An original Sketch by a Disney artist of Mufasa done in 97 for me.
:bulletgreen: More stuff, I can’t remember :D
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CMB-Design-Photo Apr 9, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
I love you.... LOL Just saying... this is awesome.
Graphix-Goddess Apr 10, 2014  Professional Writer
it is the larguest collestion i´ve ever seen 
Graphix-Goddess Jan 3, 2014  Professional Writer
lol. :nod:
you´re the one with the big lion king collection
Graphix-Goddess Jan 3, 2014  Professional Writer
Most of it is in storage now but I'm still collecting stuff. :D
Graphix-Goddess Jan 3, 2014  Professional Writer
At many stores. Many years ago. I purchased everything seperatly over many years.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I want the same collection !!!!!!!! Love Heart Heart Heart 
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